Our Team

Our team includes our Practice Manager Ms Gosia Michniewicz. Gosia, as our practice manager, takes care of all our administration, HR, compliance and behind the scenes running of our practice. This includes ensuring we use only the best quality and best value dental materials and systems. Gosia has been with us for four years and holds an MBA.

Our Senior Nursing Manager Sarah manages all clinical operational aspects of the surgery and is responsible for ensuring that standards of care are met for all patients who visit Jones & Karolewski dentists. Sarah has been with the practice for over 10 years, starting as a dental nurse; Sarah holds a Diploma of Practice Management. 

Ros is our receptionist and is very well qualified to ensure that all aspects of the front desk operations run smoothly. We have a close-knit team to look after you at Jones & Karolewski; also in the team are dental nurses Leila, Tanya and Wendy.

As part of our team we work with highly qualified dental technicians. All our laboratory work is done in high quality Australian owned and operated dental laboratories, based here in Sydney. There is a move to outsource the fabrication of dental technical work (crowns, dentures etc) to countries where labour costs are much cheaper. It is the opinion of the dentists at Jones & Karolewski that in these settings, at this stage, we may be less able to control the quality and the materials used in the work. Some overseas laboratory work is often enormously cheaper than work supplied by local technicians. This can affect the price that is charged to the patient. Ultimately, technical work is inserted in our patient’s mouths. We want to provide the best value care without the risk of compromising the quality of our dental work.